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Flowers Arrangement


HB W - 218

White roses arrangement

Harga: Rp.350

HB W - 217

Roses arragement mixed with chocolates

Harga: Rp.450

HB W - 216

Roses arrangement mixed of Chocolates

Harga: Rp.950

HB W - 215

Peach roses arrangement mixed of hortentia

Harga: Rp.750

HB W - 214

Rose arrangement mixed with hortentia

Harga: Rp.900

HB W - 213

Roses Arrangement

Harga: Rp.550

HB W - 212

Sunflowers arrangement

Harga: Rp.350

HB S - 209

Arrangement of pink roses, caspea and baby breath its called beauty

Harga: Rp.350

HB S - 208

Arrangement of peach roses with green theme, lookin fresh and cute

Harga: Rp.350

HB G - 207

Arrangement of pink roses and extra baby breath

Harga: Rp.600

HB S - 206

Arrangement of pink roses and pink carnation

Harga: Rp.300

HB E - 204

Arrangement of roses, baby breath and silver dust

Harga: Rp.550

HB E - 202

Mixed of Pink and white roses, elegant and beautiful

Harga: Rp.400

HB E - 201

Arrangement of white roses and white pompom, sign of purity and love

Harga: Rp.450

HB B - 199

The mighty blue roses mixed of eucalyptus and baby breath

Harga: Rp.850

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