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HB S - 209

Arrangement of pink roses, caspea and baby breath its called beauty

Harga: Rp.350

HB G - 207

Arrangement of pink roses and extra baby breath

Harga: Rp.600

HB S - 206

Arrangement of pink roses and pink carnation

Harga: Rp.300

HB E - 204

Arrangement of roses, baby breath and silver dust

Harga: Rp.550

HB E - 203

Lovely arrangement of pink roses and carnations, so tender and beautiful

Harga: Rp.450

HB E - 197

Mixed of pink roses, pink carnation and red carnation then added a bit of baby breath

Harga: Rp.800

HB S - 196

Arrangement of red roses mixed eustoma, its simple but lovely
HB S - 196Detail Produk
Combined of white and red

Harga: Rp.300

HB E -188

Harga: Rp.1.800

HB E- 187

30 roses plus baby breath
Cone size = t= 30cm ; d=16cm

Harga: Rp.2.000

HB E-181

A dozen of Roses + filler of the day

Wrapping in black
HB E-181Detail Produk
Rose color available in red , white , soft pink , dark pink , yellow , purple .

Please contact us for the available color of the day.

Special color like blue , black , gold and silver , is can be made , for extra charging + Rp.50k

Accesoris for the bouquet filler such baby breath , etc , may vary depends on the stock available

Harga: Rp.1.000